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Hello there, my name is Tami Wilson. You may be visiting me from my photography blog... if so welcome! 2011 will mark the third third year of me documenting my families daily lives by taking a picture a day (sometimes more!) While it may seem a bit crazy to take a picture every single day for a year it has actually now become a routine for me much like brushing your teeth but way more satisfying and fun than cleaning your pearly whites. I promise! It's so exciting to see how this project 365 has caught on and hearing so many people are jumping on the bandwagon this year. If you are one of those people please comment or send me a link to your blog. I'd love to follow you too!

A new year...

a new blog and a new way of documenting my 365! First, I want to welcome everyone to the new and improved blog. Isn't she cute??? I changed the web address and made it fall more in line with my new photography branding because although this is my personal life my photography business is personal. I also wanted to share a bit more of myself with my clients this year.

So, on to how I'm changing how I'm documenting my project 365. I will be doing everything completely digital this year (yes!) and creating the album pages as each week passes and sharing them right here on this blog as well as a picture for each day. Nothing like a little bit of pressure to get some work done, right?

I found some awesome templates from Vol. 25 (she rocks!) and I will be using those templates to create my album for the year so at the end of 2011 all I will have to do is hit print. So excited about this new process!

I actually went through all of my pictures from 2010 and created an album using the same Vol. 25 templates. I can not wait to print that album out. Just looking through the images of 2010 made me smile, laugh and cry a bit. I was also amazed to see the growth in my photography and just can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for me and my family.

How about you? Are you doing a project 365 or project 52 this year? Leave a comment or send me a link to your blog or flickr set if you are!

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