Welcome to my 365 blog!

Hello there, my name is Tami Wilson. You may be visiting me from my photography blog... if so welcome! 2011 will mark the third third year of me documenting my families daily lives by taking a picture a day (sometimes more!) While it may seem a bit crazy to take a picture every single day for a year it has actually now become a routine for me much like brushing your teeth but way more satisfying and fun than cleaning your pearly whites. I promise! It's so exciting to see how this project 365 has caught on and hearing so many people are jumping on the bandwagon this year. If you are one of those people please comment or send me a link to your blog. I'd love to follow you too!


2.25.11 - We are headed back to Colorado!  Had an awesome trip and am so thankful to SW for the experience. 


2.24.11 -  We took a tour of the flight training department and headquarters today and got to see the simulators up close and personal. It was so great to get a glimpse into what he will be doing over the next few months.  


2.23.11 -  It's here!!  His dream is becoming a reality.  It's so awesome to be here to see it in person.  Over two years of waiting to start working at a company that he has worked so hard over the past several years to get hired on by. His persistence, patience and drive has paid off and he has made it.  I am so proud of you honey and am very excited for this next chapter in our lives.  This company is the best of the best and we are so blessed to be a part of the SW family.


2.22.11 - All ready to head out the door to go to the welcome party tonight.  Looking forward to meeting everyone he'll be in class with the next couple months!!


2.21.11 -  This is what most of our day looked like today.  Give or take a few windmills here and there.  12 hour drive to Dallas and I can safely tell you there isn't much in between Colorado and Texas. It was a fun trip though and hey now I can say I've seen southern Colorado!


2.20.11 - I went to a bridal show today with Keri and snapped this shot of a lovely model.  I can't wait for wedding season to start!!


2.19.11 -  Sweet KK.  She really is starting to show her little personality and is just so fun to be around.  I heart her!!

Week Three: February 2011


2.18.11 -  This is what he does after a long week of school.  Zone out to Tom & Jerry and cuddle with Bongo.  I love my little man.


2.17.11 - Andrew made this robot costume at school today. He was so proud to show me when he got home!


2.16.11 -  I had so much fun last night!! My photographer friend let me tag along to a studio session with models and a make up artist.  The makeup was out of this world.  I mean look at those feather lashes!! Can't wait to edit the rest.


2.15.11 -  Another beautiful day here in Colorado and you can tell by the short sleeve shirt.  My mom sent me this old camera a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to get a picture of Andrew using it.  Honestly we weren't exactly sure how to hold it the viewfinder wasn't in the normal location!  So I just had him pretend. :)


2.13.11 - Spent the afternoon with a friend and got our toes done.  Happy early Valentine's Day to me. :)


2.12.11 - A beautiful day today!  Lots of sunshine and the snow is melting away.  Just outside with Andrew playing around my camera.  Shooting something that doesn't have a face. :)

Week two: February 2011


2.11.11-  What did we ever do before technology?  The funny thing as at Andrew's age I was also in front of a computer. Granted it was an old huge IBM dinosaur but I was one of my only friends that had one and it. was. awesome.  He has it so easy though... he opens up the laptop and boom it's ready to go.  No turning it on and walking out of the room because it takes 15 minutes to get started. Oh and the games are much cooler too. ;-) 


2.10.11 -  These pictures are so silly and they crack me up.  A photographer friend invited me to come practice at a studio with her and after the model left we practiced on each other and then set up a timer shot.  I had an awesome time and am so looking forward to second shooting weddings for her.


2.9.11 -  someone is feeling so much better! School tomorrow-  yes!!! :)


2.8.11 -  I love snow.  I do not love shoveling our ridiculously huge driveway after a big snow storm.  Especially when my hubby isn't here to help.  Exercise done for the day?  check!


2.7.11 -  The second tooth finally fell out!!  I was glad my little man let me take a picture because he is still feeling pretty awful.  Took him to the Dr. today and he tested negative for strep (yes!) but postive for the flu (boo).   Thankfully he did have a flu shot or they said his symptoms would probably be a lot worse.  I can just see he doesn't feel well by looking at his eyes.


2.6.11 - Woke up to lots and lots of heavy snow and tons of sunshine. Another snow storm is heading our way in a few days.  I'm loving all the snow we are getting!  Especially since I don't "have" to be anywhere.


2.5.11 -  The sickies have invaded our house.  Andrew woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and congestion and when he got up a few hours later he was worse. This is pretty much what he did all day. Poor baby.

Week one: February 2011


2.4.11 -  A special after school treat for the marshmallow junkie in our house.


2.3.11 - It snowed pretty much all day and was the worst when I picked Andrew up from school (yes we had to school today!)


2.2.11 - Check out what I crocheted today! It's a little big but my model didn't mind. :) Of course he works for M&M's.


2.1.11 -  Another very cold day!  -12 pretty much all day so we got creative with paints.  He had soooooooooooooo much fun.


1.31.11 -  Cold and snowy day.  Perfect weather for daydreaming while watching all the snowflakes fall.


1.30.11 -  Kisses have now become a game. He says no and she says yes and he loves every minute of it.  Isn't it funny how it starts out like this and then when they are teenagers it's the exact opposite?