Welcome to my 365 blog!

Hello there, my name is Tami Wilson. You may be visiting me from my photography blog... if so welcome! 2011 will mark the third third year of me documenting my families daily lives by taking a picture a day (sometimes more!) While it may seem a bit crazy to take a picture every single day for a year it has actually now become a routine for me much like brushing your teeth but way more satisfying and fun than cleaning your pearly whites. I promise! It's so exciting to see how this project 365 has caught on and hearing so many people are jumping on the bandwagon this year. If you are one of those people please comment or send me a link to your blog. I'd love to follow you too!


3.25.11 -  I'm so proud of our boy!! He received a Personal Integrity award at his school today.  He was SO proud of himself as well. :)


3.24.11 -  Really bad fire south of where we live.  When I picked the boy up from school the air was pretty nasty and we came home smelling like smoke.  The kids didn't go out of afternoon recess because of the air and ash was flying around.  The winds are crazy today just making the fire all the worse.  It's all contained now though and ended up buring 1600 acres.  So sad.


3.23.11 -  I know spring was officially here a few days ago but it really is starting to feel like it and look like it!! We have buds!


3.22.11 - They have been working on diving in swim class and Andrew wanted to practice off the end of the couch. um.. okay.


3.21.11 - Someone got an extra special after school treat today. I found these mini sprinkle ice cream cones at the grocery store.  Cute, right?


3.20.11 -  He is so handsome!! :)  What did I say to get that last look?  I told him to look off into the sunset and dream about...... his girlfriend."  LOL  He immediately gave me the look and said "I DON'T have a girlfriend!"  Thank goodness.


3.19.11 - My attempt at capturing the Supermoon!!


3.18.11 -  I think I just might be creating another photography monster in our household.  Over the past few days I've been teaching him some basic tips and just this morning let him take some pictures with his "new" (my old, first DSLR) camera.  I had a very proud moment this morning when he was taking pictures of his rabbit Charlie and he said "Oh, wait!  He isn't facing the light."  He picked him up and put Charlie's face towards the light, just like I taught him.  Atta boy!  Before he left for school he asked if we could go on a photo walk after school.  I love this kid!


3.17.11 -  Nothing says Happy St. Patrick's Day like a box of Lucky Charms waiting for you when you get home from school (a favorite treat of his) and tall glass of green milk.  He loved it!


3.16.11 - what a stinker!


3.15.11 - Another evening with gorgeous light so I asked Andrew if he wanted to take pictures of me instead of the other way around and he jumped at the chance. So, I set the shot up for him and let him snap away. (Then I snapped one of him.)  He now proclaims he is going to be a photographer when he grows up. Oh boy.


3.14.11 -  Andrew loves his Dr. Seuss books.  He's so proud he can read them all by himself. 


3.13.11 -  Just playing with my speedlight right at sunset.


3.12.11 - The saying time flies when you having fun is so true.  Daddy was home for a day and we packed as much as we could in that one day and enjoyed every moment. It's so nice to have him home.


3.11.11 - He made a treasure map at school today and we VERY proud of it.


3.10.11 -  He is such a hard little worker.  We had friends coming over tonight so he took a small break after school and then got his reading done and practiced his spelling words for his test tomorrow. :-)

Ps. Yes, I have a new thing for B&W's.


3.9.11 -  A bit of creativity hit me today and I just went with it.  I made a little Indian outfit for Andrew and surprised him with it when he got home. I still have lots of ideas and hoping to add to our Indian theme over the next week and get more shots when it's not so cold... we seriously had a 10 minute session but got some great shots.  I'm partial but I just think he is the most handsome and beautiful kid I've ever seen. :)


3.8.11 - My handsome superhero comes to my rescue everyday and makes me smile and find joy in the smallest of things. I love you more every day. 


3.7.11 -  It was super cold and frosty today. 


3.6.11 - We did a lot of this today.  He looks up at me with his big brown eyes and says, "Mommy, I just love cuddling with you."  Me too baby.


3.5.11 -  Ahhhh.... to be as carefree as a six year old again. 


3.5.11 - Andrew is always so proud of his art.  When I tell him he did a great job he'll say "Thank you.  I'm a very good artist you know."  Ha!  Way to be confident little dude.


3.3.11 -  Check out this Joker.  I painted his face before we watched the movie The Dark Knight.  He talked me into letting him watch this movie, I was concerned he would scared.  However, he set me straight and told me "I'm not afraid of ANYTHING!"  He did great throughout the movie, only covering his eyes twice.  Then of course he covered my eyes during a kissing scene.  LOL 

Ps. I did let him sleep with me just in case he had any bad dreams.  


3.2.11 -  Today is Dr. Suess' birthday! Here Andrew is holding his Daddy's Dr. Seuss book from his childhood.  Pretty cool!  We have a whole stack of them and Andrew is so excited he can read most of them himself.


3.1.11 -  Andrew listening to his daily morning message from Daddy.  Gotta love technology!


2.28.11 - Nana has been here all week taking care of Andrew while we were at SW. They have had the best time together! 


2.27.11 -  Ever see a joker cowboy? We went to Rise on the Ranch today and they had face paintings.  Andrew was adamant he wanted to be the joker!


2.26.11 - Andrew's new shirt that he refuses to take off. ;) 

WEEK FOUR: February 2011