Welcome to my 365 blog!

Hello there, my name is Tami Wilson. You may be visiting me from my photography blog... if so welcome! 2011 will mark the third third year of me documenting my families daily lives by taking a picture a day (sometimes more!) While it may seem a bit crazy to take a picture every single day for a year it has actually now become a routine for me much like brushing your teeth but way more satisfying and fun than cleaning your pearly whites. I promise! It's so exciting to see how this project 365 has caught on and hearing so many people are jumping on the bandwagon this year. If you are one of those people please comment or send me a link to your blog. I'd love to follow you too!


4.22.11 - I love when I catch him using his imagination and playing with toys.  Sometimes giving the video games a rest is a good thing.:)


4.21.11 -  A fav from a session today. Loving all the blooms right now. 


4.20.11 - sometimes living in this house is a safety hazard. you never know when a nerf bullet will go flying past your head at 100mph.


4.19.11 - Another Earth Day project!  Andrew's milk carton bird feeder. I love this age. :)


4.18.11 - In honor of Earth Day, Andrew's KE class is doing projects all week long and learning how they can make the earth healthy.


4.17.11 - I had a maternity session today and look who came along.  Now I don't normally bring such a young assistant on my sessions but I was shooting a friend. :)


4.16.11 - I had the BEST senior session today . It was one of those sessions that makes me know without a doubt I am doing what I was meant to do all my life.  I love my job.


4.15.11 - check out what I made! 


4.14.11 - Daddy is home and so is his iPad.


4.13.11 - flowers are starting to bloom here in Colorado!! yay!


4.12.11 - someone in this house is terribly addicted to this awful fruit by the foot rolls.


4.11.11 - the face painting continues...


4.10.11 - Sporting his cool new Southwest shades.


4.9.11 - Daddy is home!! Enough said. (Andrew insisted his face be painted to surprise Daddy when he got home.)


4.8.11 - These little lego guys have invaded our house. They are everywhere I look.


4.7.11 - Just playing around in the backyard... enjoying the awesome weather we are having.


4.6.11-  Andrew got an early Easter present from Gaga & Papa.  $$$ and Target gift card that he used to buy some new legos. He worked on it all day in between swim lessons and getting together with friends.


3.5.11- Today we spent about 5 hours at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  They had a new pirates exhibit that was pretty cool but watching the Under the Sea in 3D at the IMAX was prettty awesome.


4.3.11 -  We've lived here for nearly 5 years  (oh. my. gosh.  really 5 years? )  and I've always wanted to take Andrew to Hammond's Candies for a tour.  It was a lot of fun to see them make the candy which is all handmade... pretty cool, huh?


4.3.11 -  Yep it snowed today!  I love unexpected snow days like this during spring break.  Just the kind of thing to break up an otherwise ordinaray day.


4.2.11 -  I got to snap a few pics of this 3 month cutie pie today.  Can't believe it's taken me 3 months to finally get together with here momma and meet this little one!  She is just precious.


4.1.11 - Andrew and I stumbled upon an awesome park today. We were so excited!  Him, because there were three different play areas and me because there were two bridges, lots of grass, a creek, waterfall and lots of huge trees.  Yep I found an awesome new location for photo sessions.  Here he is standing at the top of a hill yelling "I'm King of the World!!!"


3.31.11 -  Brown eggs!!  Trying to be a little healthier and buy things (when they are on sale!) that our better for us.  They had the cage free eggs on sale so I bought them.  Not sure I taste a difference, although I haven't done  a side by side comparison but I know they are better for us. :)


3.30.11 - We are having such a great spring break and I'm really enjoying all the time we are spending together.  Lifegets so busy when he is in school it's nice to have some down time and I'm so thankfully I stay at home or work at home really so I can be here during his breaks.


3.29.11 -  HA!! there is that face again.  I simply told them "No kissing!"  Andrew gave me the look and little miss decided to pucker up. I love it!!


3.28.11 -  Had a great newborn session this morning.  She didn't want to sleep but finally drifted off for a few minutes so I could get some lovely sleeping shots. I love getting my baby fix via newborn sessions!


3.27.11 -  Andrew and I went bowling today and had so much fun together.  We bowled four games and decided to stop because my thumb was tore up and just hurt! 


3.26.11 - Had a very fun family session this afternoon!!