Welcome to my 365 blog!

Hello there, my name is Tami Wilson. You may be visiting me from my photography blog... if so welcome! 2011 will mark the third third year of me documenting my families daily lives by taking a picture a day (sometimes more!) While it may seem a bit crazy to take a picture every single day for a year it has actually now become a routine for me much like brushing your teeth but way more satisfying and fun than cleaning your pearly whites. I promise! It's so exciting to see how this project 365 has caught on and hearing so many people are jumping on the bandwagon this year. If you are one of those people please comment or send me a link to your blog. I'd love to follow you too!


5.26.11 -  Tis the season for lots of worms to be found in the backyard.  Andrew was chasing the neighborhood girls with them last night.  LOL


5.25.11 -  I had a newborn session today.  Finally a little boy!  In fact I have two more boys coming up in the couple weeks. This  little guy was so mellow and had the best hair!


5.24.11 -  Career Day at school today.  It was so much fun and Andrew (if you can't tell by the smug look on his face in this picture) acted like big man on campus and was SO PROUD for Daddy to be there. ;) 


5.23.11 - tomorrow is career day at school and Andrew is going to be Blake's co  pilot so they had a quick lesson today.


5.22.11 -  I love watching him play... especially when he makes these faces. :)


5.21.11 - couches are so overrated.


5.20.11 - We had a "surprise" baby shower for Andrew's kindergarten teacher today.  (she ended up finding out about it but did us a favor and acted surprised in front of the kiddos.)


5.19.11 -  Bubble bath time!


5.18.11 -  It's out!!  I love his gummy smile. :)


5.17.11 -  A special treat after swim today for doing so well on his end of the year reading testing. :) 


5.16.11 -  Andrew had to big falls at school today.  I was there for the one in the morning when he fell straight on his back from the monkey bars (poor baby) and when I picked him up he had tripped during the second  recess on the black top and scrapped up his chest and elbow.  Poor kid!


5.15.11 -  Hmmm can't find my photo of the day... What is going on???


5.14.11 - I second shot my first wedding today!! I loved it! :)


5.13.11 -  I went to Andrew's school today to take pics of all the kids for a special album I'm creating for his teacher.  It's going to be so cute!!


5.12.11 -  It came down all night and we woke up to 5 inches of snow on our patio... then another inch fell before school.  It's a super heavy wet snow and I fear my poor plants aren't going to make it. :(


5.11.11 - Yes it snowed like crazy today!  Love it.


5.10.11 -  not sure what happened to my picture today!! I was playing with my flash and took a picture of Andrew for the picture of the day but must have deleted it.  bummer!


5.9.11 - Another beautiful day... although a storm is coming in as it was super windy today. 


5.8.11 - Another day of working in the yard so yes I look pretty bad but loved the look on his face in this shot. 


5.7.11 -  We had a great day hanging out in the backyard cleaning up the flowerbeds and squirting each other.  Can't wait for summer!


5.6.11 - Getting ready for football season!


5.5.11 - His suit jacket arrived today for the wedding and I couldn't resist having it model it for me.  He swore he looked just like Daddy and put on his SWA shades to complete the look.


5.4.11 -  His school had a spanish performance and it was SOOOOOOOOO cute!!  He had a small speaking part and did great.  So proud of him!  (I was so shy at his age and would not have been able to do it.  Not sure where he gets his confidence from but so happy he has it!)


5.3.11 -  Still loving on his Bongo!


5.2.11 -  Learning a new game on the iPad.


5.1.11 -  We had a birthday party this morning and he got this really cool toy.  Spent many hours playing with it. 
ps.  I love the missing tooth still. :)


4.30.11 - That tooth finally gave up and it's out!!! 


4.29.11 -  He's been doing more imaginative play lately and I love finding litle things like that just laying around. 


4.28.11 -  These two are so cute together and I just love that they play so well with each other.


4.27.11 - one of my favorite pictures - EVER!!!


4.26.11-  I have a newborn session tomorrow and needed a model for the new headband I made.  He is such a sweet boy for letting me do this to him. :) 


4.25.11 -  Both of his teeth are super loose but he right one is just barely hanging on.  Can't wait!!


4.24.11 -  Happy Easter!!


4.23.11 -  Easter weekend is finally here!!